November 20, 2023

Warren Announces New Plan for 2024 Senate Race

 Senator says she "has a plan" to continue ignoring 80 percent of Democrats and cost her party political seats in 2024. 

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D--Mass.) is taking bold new steps to lose the 2024 race for her Senate seat. 

"It has been a pleasure ignoring the thousands of calls from constituents begging me to call for a ceasefire in Palestine," Warren said. "I take pride in driving a wedge between my office and my constituents. I look forward to continuing to find new ways to fail to represent the 68 percent of Americans1 who support a ceasefire." 

"This strategy is a sure-fire way to lose our Democratic majority in the Senate," she continued. "Let me say it loud and clear: I have a plan. A plan to continue enabling genocide with my silence." 

Senator Warren will leave office with an unimpeachable record of calling for every step to be taken to save Palestinian lives -- short of the one measure that will actually work, endorsed by the United Nations,2 the World Health Organization,3 Amnesty International,4 Oxfam,5 and 80 percent of U.S. Democrats.6 

"Senator Warren remains committed to establishing lasting peace in Gaza and protecting innocent civilians,"7 her office said in a statement, expressing her signature combination of bland concern and total inaction on the matter of abject human suffering. 

Warren's announcement comes after 43 days of Israel's relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip. In that time, more than 11,100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli aggression, at least 4,609 of them children.8 

"Humanitarian pauses, a short-term cessation of hostilities..." said a member of the campaign's communications team. "We are proud of how creative we have been in our effort to avoid taking the ethical and moral stance against genocide that our constituents demand." 

His only concern, he said, was that the Senator would soon run out of meaningless synonyms for "ceasefire."  

"Of course," he added, "there's always the old standby of running a word through until it loses all meaning. Senator Warren has been crystal clear: Israel should stop the bombing now, which definitely does not mean she supports a ceasefire." 

The Senator's legacy includes fighting for consumer protections, workers' rights and corporate regulation, as well as racial and economic justice for all except Palestinians.  

The crowd gathered at her Springfield launch event voiced support for Warren's nonelection plans and appreciation for her dedicated dismissal of their demands. 

"Personally, my friends and I love spending our limited free time calling Senator Warren's office daily and being persistently ignored," said Jessica Ríos, a 37-year-old mother from Newton, Mass. "It will be so weird if the winner of the 2024 election actually listens to us." 

"I was psyched to be completely overlooked by Senator Warren while she was in office," said Kai Sullivan, a 24-year-old community organizer living in Worcester, where a Republican candidate recently flipped a state senate seat in a special election. 

"Her progressive politics on everything except basic human rights for Palestinians really spoke to my generation, which overwhelmingly supports a ceasefire," the constituent continued. "As a young, politically engaged Democrat, I usually have to choose between voting my values and supporting my party. With Warren's new plan to lose, maybe I can finally do both." 


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